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“VENETO allows me to make the most of all the opportunities a multimedia world has to offer.”
Intelligent communication: i-com2 with Bluetooth

Two hearing aids that communicate with and automatically adjust to each other: i-com2 provides a completely synchronized hearing experience at the highest level.

i-com2 offers another dimension with Bluetooth-compatible Media remote control.
Bluetooth enables you to use linked hearing aids like a headset when making telephone calls. When listening to music or the television, your hearing aids work like intelligent stereo headphones.

VENETO via Media: connected to the whole world.

Use all the modern media with top sound quality and the highest level of comfort:

  • Connect to your cell phone or landline
  • Connect to your television (with Media Transmitter)
  • Connect to external signal sources, such as your MP3 player or CD and DVD player in your home entertainment system


Naturally the VENETO range also includes:

eMote2, the classic hearing aid remote control. non-wireless version of VENETO is available in some countries, only.

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